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Learn to Walk with God
in the Midst of Suffering

Reading in Bed

About the Project

Join us for a transformative six-week journey online with other Christians, in one 90 minute meeting each week.


The program is designed those who have been through significant life challenges within the past year. During our time together, you will spend time connecting your current circumstances with God’s Word in ways that can help shape how you see yourself and your circumstances. Engage with other Christians also going through difficult times and learn from scripture together. 

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What to expect

-A screening questionnaire to make sure this study is a good fit for you

-A pre-test to understand where you are are emotionally, spiritually, etc. right now. This will take around 45 minutes.

-A 1.5 hour meeting online, once a week for 6 weeks

-A post-test. This will take around 45 minutes and includes a $50 gift card as thanks.

You can expect to gain insights, tools, and potentially life-changing perspectives on living through hardships with faith.

Participation Requirements

-18+ years old

-Located in the US and speak fluent English

-Active Christian

-Recently gone through (past 12 months), or currently going through a hard time

-Willing to actively participate in group Zoom sessions with camera on

Have questions? Fill out our contact form below.

Reading a Book

About Us

We are a group of Christian theologians and psychologists based at Biola University.

Our commitment is to develop materials to support and uplift Christians facing challenging times, providing guidance and comfort through Biblical teachings.

Project leader Dr. Liz Hall is Professor at Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, where she teaches interdisciplinary courses on psychology and religion. Her current research focuses on Christian meaning-making in suffering, psychological perspectives on faith-science conflicts, and various topics in positive psychology.

See below for more information on her and her previous work.

Calm Waters


If you need professional help or would like to speak to a counselor at any point during your participation in our study, please use the applicable resource:

To reach the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, call or text 988.
To find a Christian psychologist, visit


Get Involved

Want to participate in our study? The first step is to take the Screening Questionnaire to see if we're a good fit for each other.

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Have questions? Need help troubleshooting? Send us a message and we'll get in touch!

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